Friday, November 9, 2012

home remodeling - hedgerows beautiful and healthy

home remodeling - hedgerows beautiful and healthy - One trend that is currently popular is the concept of gated house plants. In addition to beautiful, crops were many other benefits, such as medicine.

The fence is intended as a barrier. Barrier between the owner of the house or yard with one other owner. Therefore, every home built fences to taste and individual needs. There is a magnificent wall, there is also a form of iron railings rigid and sturdy. There is also a combination of walls and iron, giving the impression of a solid. Why build such a fence, among others for the sake of safety and for reasons related to social status. The fence is a magnificent and luxurious will lift the title as the owner of the house to the modern man.

However, are emerging movement back to nature. Rumble natural. All natural. Full of charm beautiful. Environmentally friendly. And one of his form is the manufacture of the hedge. What is interesting? In addition to the natural and cool, hedgerows also beautiful artistic impression. Once the shoots grow sprout, then plant regulated and trimmed to form the "building" beautiful. There is also a flowering hedges, blooming, to show the impression of lively and energetic.

In fact, our ancestors actually been practicing a hedge, not merely interpreted its beauty, but rather as a treatment alternative. The Javanese tempo, for example, love to plant a hedge beluntas. Everyone knows, beluntas also be used as a vegetable and traditional healing. Sundanese people, for example, have a tradition of planting red HANJUANG as a hedge plant. And red HANJUANG "trusted" as repellent reinforcements repel plant demons.

Select Small Seed
How to plant a hedge? Hoe the soil as deep as 20 cm and the shape of the planting hole, depending on your taste. Can be made as simple as a rectangle lengthwise or cut cubes or hexagons but connect, for example. Let the planting hole opened about 2 weeks, while ground cangkulan organic fertilizers as much as 2-4 kg/m2, also 30 grams of NPK (15 15-125) / m2. Or Urea, TSP and KCl each 10 g/m2. after 2 weeks, given cangkulan soil fertilizer is inserted back into the planting hole, then leave again for two weeks.

Next, select the seeds from the plants to be planted. We recommend that you select the seeds that are smaller than the already great. Make a small hole, and enter the seed. Press the soil around the base of seedlings, seedling give stake and tie it to the stake. Afterwards, flush to wet.

In order to grow lush hedgerows, should be given fertilizer every month. For flowering hedge plant, fertilizer use NSK (15 25-15) that P content is high. As for the fence leafy plants, use a fertilizer NPK (25 15-15) the N content is high. In addition to fertilizing, watering to do well, especially in the dry season could be watered 2 times morning and afternoon.

Prune Trimming
Beauty hedgerows can also be obtained by pruning, ie, activity-cut trim the stems and leaves of plants. Lazy cut, the plant will grow and the abysmally poor across adds slob. Original purpose for creating beauty, it could-could produce the opposite, unkempt slob.

Why should it be trimmed? First, that is always growing new shoots, and makes plants so lush regularly. The second is to get a form beautiful hedges, neat and healthy. Pruning should be done at least 2 weeks or 3 weeks. Do not be too long (over 1 month), because in addition more difficult to cut, it is also difficult to establish the plant.

How to cut the right tips? Prepare 2 pieces of bamboo and raffia. Plug bamboo at the ends of the hedge. Tie a rope to a bamboo plant next to the fence with a height depending on your tastes and needs, then withdrawn and the rope tied around the bamboo at the other end. Appeared limits stretch of rope. And that's where you can shave the plant. And so on. Easy is not it?


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