Wednesday, November 7, 2012

home remodeling - curtain wall coverings can be disabled

home remodeling - curtain wall coverings can be disabled - Apparently not only beautify the window blinds. Imperfect walls can look attractive made.

Curtains may be more widely known as window coverings or room divider. But the difference is in the kitchen in the picture to the left. Orange-patterned drapes are used to cover part of the wall that is not perfect. Behind the wall was a door panel apartment units.

In addition to being the curtains to camouflage the walls, the curtains in the apartment belonging to Hani, has also become one of the fields decorate the kitchen wall. Look beautiful and refreshing, right?

How to set it up just the same as installing blinds on the windows. Using rail hooked on the wall. How to decorate a wall, it could be an option in addition to paints, wall cover, or painting. Curtains are also relatively more practical. Easy to move, easy to clean too.

Want to emulate? It's okay, the important first find the appropriate fabric. After that stay put. Fast and cheap.


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