Thursday, November 1, 2012

home remodeling-control of termites and ants

home remodeling-control of termites and ants - FORM her like ants, but you all get to know her as insects that harm, "eat" the wood. Bookshelves, doors, desks, all can be eaten her. Sometimes from the outside appear "safe" course, but if you hit, usually right "collapse" or porous. What creature on earth that makes all this happen? You may have heard the name, but had never seen it directly.

Insects Termites are well known by the people of Indonesia, also known as white ants, some regions have a special name, such as withered (Java middle / east), Anai-Anai (Sumatra), Sumpiyuh, Rinyuh (West Java). In the English language is also called Termites Termites, or White Ants (white ants)

Termites are social insects including groups, as well as ants and bees. The interesting thing, termites can not live alone, termites always live in groups because that's how termites get a "needs" to be able to continue to live. They built "home" to where he forages "hallways" long and narrow. In some areas termites build their houses so high, they were unique luxury homes built by termites who is blind know.

Termites and ants are a "family" that is the Order Hymenoptera, but one difference is that termites need food timber (cellulose) while ants eat all kinds of food, from fiber to sugars. This is what causes Termites are considered pests, because it takes all kinds of wood, even your house and furniture made of wood.

Although all types of termites eat wood, but "eating" them is different, there is a dining and living once lodged in the wood, who made his home there on the ground, there are only eat live wood (trees), there is a life need plenty of water, there is also a live "dry", and many other kinds.

That is why not all termites are pests to humans. In Indonesia there are more than 200 species, and "only" 20 species that are pests of wood eaters and timber plants. However their behavior enough to bother us.

Some ways to be able to "control" attack "soldier termite" is:

    Get rid of the remnants of unused wood piles, dead trees, roots, around the house, because it is a suitable place for nesting termites.
    If you make a house out of wood, as much as possible to avoid contact with the wood indirectly atara ground (although the termites can still create a "corridor" to the food, but at least you'll know where it came termites).
    Use wood "termite" like teak, or wood superbly "coated" anti termite
    Building a foundation of the "immune" termite attack, by mixing it with ingredients anti termite (sold in hardware store)
    Contacting termite control services, which has a lot of termite pest control methods.

However in fact termites are one of the creatures that help the natural cycle. Unlike other living beings (including humans), termites have the ability to "digest" cellulose. But because humans also need a timber as one of the advocates of life, then there is termite and another man "scramble".


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