Saturday, November 3, 2012

home remodeling-Bathroom Healthy, Privacy Awakened

home remodeling-Bathroom Healthy, Privacy Awakened - Problems opening in the bathroom is to make the dilemma. So no damp, should be made good air circulation. However, the high demands of privacy makes it difficult to fulfill. In the end, is closed again, deh. Is there a solution for this?

Naturally, if your bathroom tend to damp. Because, generally the room is completely closed for privacy is maintained. Meanwhile, to keep indoor humidity levels required adequate light and air. This can be achieved by making adequate openings, such as windows.

Can make a window in the bathroom without losing privacy?

Sure can, dong. In fact, you can make the walls, like the bathroom in the residence of the couple Lily and Hariman Wiradireja this. No need to worry about privacy issues that bothered. Take advantage of frosted glass as a solution.

There are several kinds of frosted glass that you can use, such as the type sandblast and glass of ice. How to make it too varied. Sandblast glass can be made by attaching a sticker, or create a permanent layer by applying a solution of magnesium sulfate on the surface of the glass. Meanwhile, frosted glass with uneven surfaces obtained through the process of heating the glass.

Utilizing these materials, you do not need to be afraid anymore to make a window in the bathroom. The light can still enter, privacy was not disturbed. Choice of glass in your hands. Importantly, the room was dark again.

But, what about the air circulation? Hariman solve this problem by making the ventilation holes on the glass. By providing a hole as wide as 5 cm just below the ceiling, the air can go without losing privacy. Simple, but useful, is not it?


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  2. Good tips you provided. Some of the properties already have the possibility to make the window like 1 x 0,5 meters wide without sandblast or frosted glass. Like mine for example. My bathroom is at 2nd floor and window position is exactly made in purpose to maintain privacy and humidity all the time. Good window position is essential in creating a beautiful full-light bathroom!!!

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