Sunday, November 11, 2012

home remodeling - place for cutlery

home remodeling - place for cutlery - For some people, the equipment will be practical if stored in a kitchen cabinet. Practicality was realized from a container that can be accommodated in one place so it does not confiscate the land. Access to use the equipment becomes easier and faster.

Container cutlery can be stored on shelves and drawers under the kitchen table. For ease of storage, you can create categories of tableware based activities and frequency of use.

Put the word, tableware such as spoons, knives, forks and chopsticks are stored in the container drawer. For ironing equipment, owners can use a plastic tray which has a column (holes) in the size of equipment. Equipment spoon in the spoon, as well as knives and chopsticks.

Drawers can be in the middle of the cabinet. Handel whatever it may taste, but the main one drawer can be easily opened and closed. The system can use the drawer rails and wheels, thus opening the way quite pulled or pushed.

What about the plates, bowls, and cups? Cutlery can we place on the shelf adjacent to the sink area. It can be next to a drawer or on a shelf in the sink. That way, all finished washing equipment can be directly placed on the shelf.


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