Thursday, September 13, 2012

how to fix the cracked walls of the house

how to fix the cracked walls of the house

The causes vary. Could be due to the process of making a rush, or as a mixture of cement and sand material that is not appropriate. So what's the solution? What should power loading ... Eitss ... do not need to be dismantled, just do the following tips below. Hopefully you can close the walls are cracked earlier.
The thing to remember is that there is not cracked due to structural imbalances. If there is imbalance usually cracks in the wall structure increasingly grew wide, and even cracks also occur between the walls to the floor.

Here's how meutup cracked walls (not cracked structures) and wavy, use a mixture of Mowilex Alcaplast + Mowilex Alcabond.

By comparison:

     Mowilex Alcapast (5kg)
     Mowilex Alcabond (1kg)
     Water (to taste ± 2 liters)

How Mowilex Alcaplast Mixing + Alcabond:

     Alcabond 1kg diluted with enough water beforehand.
     Enter Alcaplast little by little until 5kg and stir to mix clay. For maximum results use agitator / mixer.
     Wait until dry (at least 7 days)
     Give 1 layer wall Mowilex Water Base Sealer. In order to obtain optimal results leave for 24 hours.
     Re-paint the walls with a good quality interior paint, and adjust the color before.

Hopefully, this solution can solve the problems of cracked walls, if there are any questions please consult here. (leave your comment so I can help).


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