Friday, September 14, 2012

home remodeling - minimalist home design for tropical regions

home remodeling - minimalist home design for tropical regions

above is a design house that will be built. The house stands on land measuring 20 mx 12 m was owned by Mr. Nuryanto, 2000 Design House clients from, Central Java. The position of the house is facing north, so the position of the terrace would be quite cool because the wind moves from north to south and vice versa. And the sun will be in the left-right position, so it is not too hot either morning or afternoon.

Building a home does not always have to be fancy, at least this is the first draft of this tropical minimalist home design. Being too flashy sector in the location, it makes the house seem strange and makes shy people around him. Tropical minimalist house design was made to adjust the location this time around that is not too fancy, so tropical minimalist home is a concept acceptable and socially.

For the front facade, tropical minimalist home concept is reinforced by providing a natural accent using natural stone porch columns that once a center point of this tropical minimalist home. For frames designed to keep the design simple using camphor or meranti wood materials. So also with the placement of the hats on the top of the frame in order to reinforce the impression of minimalist. Keep simple!!

To look back is still used meranti wood materials camphor or the rear door jamb tropical minimalist home. Only the door was made to be full opening with sliding system. So from the position of family room can see the rear garden view which includes a small mosque. Similarly, a brief review Home Design 2000 for Design tropical minimalist home. What do you think?


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