Wednesday, September 12, 2012

home remodeling - home minimalist and beautiful 2012

home remodeling - home minimalist and beautiful 2012 - Latest Model 2012 Has a minimalist home is everyone's dream, and now a distinct trend, many different kinds of model homes with a minimalist design in urban or rural areas. If in urban areas may have a reason or maximize land due to lack of area to be built into the latest minimalist 2012. The Minimalist Newest Model 2012 is also popular in rural areas because it has a very simple model but also interesting.

I'm also a lover of house property design had the idea to make / build my own house into seminimalis possible but still ignore / maximize function. There have been many websites or blogs have discussed the minimalist model. And here are some of the latest models of 2012 and minimalist house or troubleshooting guides make.

Tips and Tricks build a minimalist house model 2012.

     Selection of bright colors for the background space like the walls, ceilings, floors.
     Choosing furniture especially sofas that have size mediocrity or not too high, to avoid obstructing the impression in the room. And recommended for the sofa seat does not exceed the knee.
     If you can choose for the furniture that not many corners, such as coffee table box, TV shelf, and so on.
     Choosing elemen2 that can make the room look bigger impression application example a large mirror on the wall so as to make the impression of a spacious room.
     If the room feels great but tingfi ceiling is low (below 3.2 meters) to choose curtain with a vertical motif, so that the impression of a high ceiling. Use ceiling that color too bright tuk case. And vice versa.
     Use furniture that has more functions, that can be used for other functions, so better save.
     The use of accessories not too excessive, because making a home seem cluttered.
     The use of natural impression like splashing water in the room can be one of the beautiful scenery and at the same time can also be a therapeutic tool to make the mind becomes calm, Accessories this kind has been sold so it's easy to get.


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