Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Home Remodelling - Repair Interior Design Based Lighting Unit Flats Day

Home Remodelling - Repair Interior Design Based Lighting Unit Flats Day - There are times when we improve the design of our homes, because solar lighting in Indonesia, which was the year a major consideration for the design of this thesis. By maximizing the use of daylight lighting very large role in minimizing the use of artificial lighting and the visual quality improvement efforts in the room. Consideration of lighting as one of the design approach should be formulated so far as to define the object of study. The potential is there and the design method based lighting during the day will be very useful when applied to the design of the amount will be very much, namely Flats (flat). Selected Rusunawa Cigugur is an appropriate case for being the object of the design, as there are a variety of lighting problems therein. Lighting and visual quality is closely related to the quality of interior room to move. On one of the units facing north and were among the other units have less lighting quality baik.Terdapat three rooms, the Main Room as a sleeping room and a ballroom, kitchen and toilet room. In the room there is a problem with the unit is the intensity of illumination is uneven lighting across the room and the main room was very dark so the visual quality is very poor indoors. This unit needed repair visual quality by improving the quality of lighting. Conducted in this thesis is to improve the interior design of the unit is Rusunawa Cigugur.Tujuannya visual quality improvement through improved lighting quality. Method was megumpulkan data eksisiting lighting unit with direct measurement units and computer simulations. Defining variables as lighting simulation and analysis of material identification problems. The results are taken as a criterion improvement interior design. Simulation and analysis performed with an accurate calculation by the computer simulator. Simulator is selected by Autodesk Ecotect Plug-in Radiance. Consideration is widely used simulators and simulation results are very accurate in lighting. By using the simulator will facilitate and accelerate the process of data collection as a rationale flat interior design improvements. Repair interior design with the aim of improving the quality of the lighting towers, is expected along with the increasing quality of comfort flats. This thesis is expected to improve the interior design of the unit Rusunawa Cigugur. In addition, expected to be one of the reference method and the design is simple and easy to apply to improve the design of the lighting units of flats


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