Monday, September 10, 2012

home remodeling - How to make a nice bathroom

home remodeling - How to make a nice bathroom - To create or create a bathroom that is comfortable to use it takes more time or attention than the other rooms. Bathroom requires careful planning otherwise you will face some problems such as water leakage, slippery floor and poor ventilation. To avoid some mistakes in bathroom design, it helps to know a few facts that are often found in every bathroom. Thus, it can make your bathroom a perfect, healthy, and convenient to use.

1. Notice System Plumbing (piping)
Error pipelines are very commonly found in the bathroom. This often happens when you use the bathroom and saw the water flowing from the wall. You will be surprised to know that there is a burst pipe, obviously it will cost to fix. Plumber you have to destroy tiles to fix it. Therefore, to avoid the cost of more confirm the position of the piping (plumbing system) is positioned such that it can be accessed easily when needed improvement.
2. Anti Slip Floor
Use a material that is not slippery (anti slip) to the bathroom floor. If using a smooth ceramic or other materials that are not anti-slip, it could cause a serious accident. Currently there is also water resistant wood flooring anti-slip and it will add to your bathroom look more attractive, but the price is quite expensive.
3. The Good Ventilation
If the bathroom does not have adequate ventilation can cause condensation in the room and eventually can invite fungus. Natural lighting and proper ventilation is necessary, so that the bathroom is not stuffy and humid. If your bathroom has a window, as well as left open when not in use, it can solve the problem of mold and moisture. Ventilation fan (exhaust fan) can also be mounted on the wall, is more effective in the bathroom has no windows.
4. Provide Depository
You might think that there is no need to have a storage space in the bathroom but when you think about things like towels, shampoo, soap, cleaning products and others. You may want to have extra space for it. A closet in the bathroom can add to the look of your bathroom more attractive and also helps you to hide the equipment was in it.
5. Right Toilet position
It would seem odd if the toilet is right next door. Put the toilet at its farthest from the door and close to washtafel. It would be very annoying if the toilet is too far from washtafel.
6. The Right Lighting
Natural or artificial light are both important in creating a comfortable bathroom. To make your bathroom more attractive, proper lighting is essential. Natural light helps you to make your bathroom free from stuffy. Installation of small lights (dim) will help guide you to the bathroom at night. And for light bulbs, halogen bulbs use.
7. Avoid Wrong Use of Materials
In making use of shower water-resistant material is the right choice. Ceramic, porcelain and granite tile is ideal to use in the bathroom. Natural stone or wood can also be used. Teak wood is a great choice for bathrooms as waterproof. For tile or tile adhesive should also use a material that is waterproof (water proof). If the tile adhesive is not waterproof, it can weaken the adhesive and cause cracks or ceramic tile. Do not use pipes that are low quality. This may cause leakage so that you will spend a lot to fix.
8. Provide Space (Space)
Many found a small bathroom, but sometimes there is too wide so it feels less functional. Bathrooms need space (space) particularly on around and in front of the toilet, and bathtub washtafel. The availability of space (space) in these places will make your bathroom to be comfortable to use.
9. Ensure There Room For Doors
When designing your bathroom should ensure that there is enough room to open the door.


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