Tuesday, October 16, 2012

some way to keep the floor clean and durable

some way to keep the floor clean and durable 

Carpet is one of the fixtures in the house that need special handling in care. Ways improper care can make the carpet dirty and easily damaged increases.

Clean your carpet the right way to keep it durable. Here are his tips, as quoted from Helium:

1. Clean as often as may be
Carpets should be cleaned frequently using a vacuum cleaner / vacuum cleaner, especially if you have recently installed carpet. Although looks clean, the fibers of the carpet can be mixed with dust and dirt. If left too long, dirt will accumulate. Besides being good for health, will also accumulate dirt more quickly ruin the carpet.

Clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner at least once a week. Focus on areas that are often skipped one, because it is usually the most dirt stuck in the area.

2. Do not walk with Bare Feet
Many people assume that walking barefoot in the house can make a carpet cleaner longer. But the assumption is not entirely true. Feet sweat and oil. When in contact with the carpet, oil and sweat stick to the carpet, causing dust and dirt easily attached. We recommend wearing socks or slippers when walking on the carpet.

3. Do not Wash Carpet with the Soap
You should not wash your carpet with detergent or cleaning fluid containing soap. The resulting foam soap will leave residue remains that would tie up more dust on the carpet.
In addition, the soap residue left behind could also weaken the carpet fibers making carpets easily torn or damaged.

Most appropriate materials to clean the carpet without destroying, it is quite easy to get, which is white vinegar. Mix one bottle of vinegar to one gallon of water. Pour the mixture into the carpet, brush a little while, then rinse with clean water.
Do not worry about your house will smell of vinegar, the smell will be gone in 24 hours. Just make sure that your carpet not moist for too long.


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