Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dining Room (choose two, four or six chairs)

Dining Room (choose two, four or six chairs) - Is the dining room should always consist of a wide table and plenty of chairs? Not really!

Most Indonesian families felt "obliged" to put a large dining table with plenty of chairs, in their dining room. Might be carried tradition since ancient times, the meal is always with the whole family. If until now, you are living with a large family of more than four people, many seater dining concept is certainly very fitting for you. But what about living in a big city, alone with the couple, living in the house-sized mediocre?

If so, why be forced to put a large table and plenty of chairs? I Put a single small table with two chairs. Create close to the wall, with so much vacant land left, which could be used for other needs. Or more succinctly again for the bar.

The selection of the size and number of seats dining table sounds like no big deal, but it would be trivial to mention that to do with the size of the land. So, about the number of seats and the size of the dining table and adjust it to the needs of day-to-day habits. For example, you are only living together, but often entertain family and guests in the house, then you should consider putting a larger table.

By putting everything as needed, every room in the house will function more effectively and efficiently. You will feel more comfortable at home.


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