Thursday, September 20, 2012

examples of minimalist design house with a guide

examples of minimalist design house with a guide - The Minimalist is part of the lifestyle of modern society that considers all aspects of life to live. Currently the house is not just a shelter but rather serves as an identity. Of course we do not want a house that we live far from the impression of a minimalist because the concept of minimalism has special characteristics that ought to be applied. A wide range of home designs, house paint, and a floor plan that is specifically designed for the purpose of development is also no rules. Although not standard but at least it still gives the impression that characterizes the house was in Indonesia. I also do not claim if the home I live in today, including in the correct category - true minimalist home but there is little guidance which will be described below.

For example, a judge's minimalist home not only ourselves but also others. When a co-worker home visit we would be so happy to hear when he said "I is not never seen a kitchen that's as clean and seminimalis". There is a distinct sense of pride when the house in which we live can attract the attention of our colleagues. Of course there is a reason when people pronounce the sentence of our house, one floor so the guideline is a clean, neat dining tables, high chairs, no benches own kids - children and on the other hand there is a toaster, coffee maker and microwave.
Benefits The Minimalist

Minimalist house shows the character of the owner of the house a nice and neat in his life. Some of you might think so, not without reason, but as the spiritual needs of the home to be one important factor. A clean home will always make brains and our souls become more fresh. More details as follows:

    Reduce stress levels, dirty house will cause visual disturbances recorded through the eyes and into the brain. The brain responds unpleasant to all organs causing stress.
    More interestingly, imagine now you see a messy house picture and compare it with photos minimalist home. The house has beautiful furniture, beautiful decor and some artwork would be more interesting to live.
    Easy to clean, it's hard to imagine a big house but it is filled with furniture of the same magnitude. To sweep it will require extra tools is not enough to sweep up and vacuum it. Minimalist house with minimalist interior layout also allows us more time to clean.

Creating a Minimalist Home
In order for the minimalist look there are some parts that must be considered, depending on your tastes, how you feeling run to create homes that look minimalist. Not necessarily the same as the homes are so minimalist artificial ingredients but you should be able to display the minimalist side.

    Minimalist furniture, a minimalist space only contains a few important furniture. For example, the living room contains only a sofa, chair, coffee table, a minimalist entertainment stand (not that great as a book shelf), a television and some table lamps. Even just contains sofas, chairs and tables only.
    The floors are clean, the floor beachhead is the most important element to support the house into a minimalist look. There's nothing wrong with using a little knick - knacks make it look nicer
    The decor, the house would be boring if there is no interesting decor. Therefore we need the right feeling to determine what the appropriate type of decoration but still impressive as a minimalist home.
    Ensuring quality not quantity, Instead of having a lot of stuff at home is better to use less stuff most frequently used. No need to pile up some objects that actually make an impression on your home dirty.

If you still have no idea what kind of home you desire a moment let's take a look at the exterior design and interior minimalist home like this:

This is just a concept and examples when possible we can create a minimalist home exterior design as above. Can we see above, if the house has very little wall made ​​of concrete and the rest is made of glass are clean and wide.


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