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Model homes Dayak tribe in Indonesia

Model homes Dayak tribe in Indonesia - Largest tribe in Indonesia, the Dayak tribe, the tribe that occupies the largest island in Indonesia.
Borneo Indigenous peoples and cultures has a strong and distinctive and quite famous in the world.

One of the Dayak culture we can see from the artwork began carving up dayak motif, well this time we are talking about home architecture Betang. The house is a traditional house typical Betang Kalimantan located in various parts of Borneo.

Dayak tribe lives in groups, forming colonies of their family members. With the lifestyle group was greatly influenced the shape and magnitude of their homes.

Dayak tribe settlements scattered on the headwaters of the river, where the river is a major transportation routes for the Dayak tribe to perform a variety of mobility of everyday life such as work to the fields where the field is usually far from the Dayak tribe settlements, or trading activity crops.

The shape and the house Betang varies, it depends a great seberaba and their families. Kaluarga the Dayak tribe usually stay in one stop / one house, therefore there Betang house could have reached 150 meters long and 30 meters wide and some even more. Generally Betang house built in the form of a stage with a height of three to five meters from the ground. The purpose of the stage in anticipation of the flood in the rainy season because the river often overflowed and terjadii in the upstream areas in Kalimantan.

Some of the residential units may have more than one home Betang hanging fruit the size of the household members of these residential communities. They live together and are grouped in one house to the next, each household (family) occupied a booth (room) in a partition of a big house Betang, in addition to the general Dayak tribes also have single homes constructed temporarily for farming activities, it is caused by the distance between the fields where settlements.

The traditional house of Dayak is still to be encountered in the interior of Borneo until now.

The philosophy of the Dayak Traditional House
The principle of life is reflected in the shape of Dayak and Dayak tribal house model is. Life is based on solidarity and tolerance form the integrity of betang.

Parts of the Dayak traditional house:
At the front of the house there is a rung betang as the entrance to the house. The house-shaped stage with a height of about three to five feet from the ground surface was intentionally constructed to avoid flooding and wild animal attacks.

At the end of the stairs, you will find a bale or a hall that is not too broad, its function as a place to receive guests or to arrange a meeting with relatives or other families.

Entry into the building we will see a lot of room that is partitioned into several rooms. Well, each room or cubicle is occupied by one family. so, such as in a home betang there were 50 families, the number of booths also 50. That's why home Betang this very long.

At the back of the house indigenous Dayak tribes there a room that serves as a repository of results and agricultural tools. In addition, the Dayak indigenous tribes also have hewah livestock enclosure that blends at home, because pets are included in the assets of the family such as pigs, cows and dogs.

Betang This behavior reflects the Dayak community that promotes brotherhood and togetherness.
Apart from being a place to stay Dayak tribe, actually is the heart of the home Betang structure Dayak social life. Betang culture is a reflection of the unity in the daily life of the Dayaks. Inside the house Betang every individual's life in the household and society systematically arranged by mutual agreement embodied in customary law. Common security, either from criminal interference or sharing food, love, grief and the mobilization of manpower to work the fields. The main value that stands in his home life Betang is the value of togetherness (communalism) among the people who inhabit it, regardless of the differences they have. From this we know that the Dayak tribe is a tribe that respects the differences. Respect the Dayak ethnic differences, religious or social background.

Now through review above we can conclude bawasannya original Dayak tribe is like, so if there up there with the other ethnic unrest that because one is very disrespectful ethnic customs.


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