Sunday, October 28, 2012

home remodeling-how to exterminate rats

home remodeling-how to exterminate rats -presence of rats that were increasingly ridiculous shape was definitely very annoying. The smell was not pleasant. There are various ways repel mice (not hamsters yes).

     Raising animals such as crickets, cat or snake could be one way. But of course there are side effects that cause other problems. Crickets, believed rats do not like the sound of crickets. But other than mouse, your ears were probably a little bothered by the sound of crickets. Cats, may be effective for mice mini-sized. But for the giant rats, your cat may be scuttled due to losing body size. Snakes, maybe you have to convince yourself first before deciding to keep this one rodent.
     Mice repellent electric appliance. In addition to expensive, these tools are beginning to complain because less powerful.
     Mint oil. Apply mint oil on a piece of cardboard and place it in the usual places traversed by mice. Mice do not like the smell of mint.
     Rat poison. This method is very effective. But rats that had swallowed poison often die in hidden places so that the carcass cause odor smell.
     Mousetrap. You can lure the mice to enter the trap by putting a piece of meat or peanut butter / chocolate. Make sure your trap is installed properly so that your bait is not in vain.
     Mothballs. Destroy rough mothballs and then spread in the usual places passed mice. This method is quite effective. Cheap. Rats go, your home smell good.

The important thing to remember is keep cleaning. Let's live healthy by minimizing the presence of disease-carrying rats into your home. May be useful! ;)


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