Saturday, October 20, 2012

Arrange Flower Shaped Mirror Up

Arrange Flower Shaped Mirror Up - Do not have to be big and weird designs. Some small mirror can be arranged to look good. Rich in this photo, here.

Square mirror, when displayed alone, probably will not look attractive. Moreover, the small size. Another case that some mirrors are arranged into different shapes.

In this picture, seven square mirror, measuring 20cmx20cm, arranged to form a flower. This mirror arrangement successfully decorate a blank wall, become more attractive.

For those of you who like the look bolder and more lively, it could add color. Instead of a mirror, use colorful glass. Can choose one color, or multiple colors add dipadupadankan.Biar more dramatic light beam.

Mirror arrangement also does not have flowers, you know. You are free to be creative with the shape and size of the mirror. From now think about what shape you want. Then design, approximately how many pieces need a mirror. So there is time, you can quickly put them on a blank wall, in your home.


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