Monday, September 10, 2012

How Renovating the house properly

How Renovating the house properly - Well, this time the home remodeling will share tips for home remodeling.
1. Proper Site SelectionThe layout and orientation of buildings, attainment (access), topographi building footprints and spacious location are aspects of concern. Facing east, has had driveway adequate, suitable land for homes topographi you will wake up and land area that is wide enough to allow you to have a yard or garden is a great option. If not met, you should first undo your intention to build a house and looking for the right location. Why is that ...? Since it would be difficult for you to build. In determining the location of the house, should you indeed should you conduct surveys repeatedly. No wonder you hurt the population in the vicinity of the land, the security environment, whether that area is often subject to flooding and so forth. You should know that this is your starting point and then start to pay these fees will be more and more as you build the house.
2. Selection Plan HousesMany ways to get examples of house plans, whether it be from magazines, brochures, internet and others. Choose one who fits your needs and can be applied to land that has been determined earlier. Should be discussed with the family, because that will occupy this house is not your own.
3. Mind Home Building Permit (IMB)Before looking for a handyman to build, you should first take care of his IMB. Due to pay a fee in addition to the IMB is a good citizen, you also melegalitaskan your assets. The house has IMB, have high economic value.Anyway if there is a possibility when taking care of the IMB are building will be trouble or might be stopped due to be rebuked by the local government and even worse may be torn down. Although it can be done, do not be a matter of pride that your home can be built without a building permit ... it's not good.
4. Selection Head tradesperson or ForemanNot hard to find artisan or foreman, once you start telling a few people or your acquaintances will be many people coming untukmengerjakan bid your home. Seleksilah them based on quality (work ability) if necessary, you can see the results that they have done. Should you hire a handyman recommended by people you know. It would be better made the contract.
5. Provision of MaterialsBefore providing the building material is better ask first with builders, material what should you buy. Once properly recorded're looking at building material stores and do not hesitate to ask. What is the best material that you will use in your building. Take survey on some building materials store, you'd better go to a large store building (one stop shopping), because usually here you can consult for free, and the choice is quite varied. Collect brochures building materials, learn and choose which one is suitable for your home.
6. SupervisionTake control as often as possible, but do not interfere in a matter of technique work. It was built when the building will look sembrawut location, or perhaps you feel the room is too small. While its size in accordance with your images that you specify, follow the picture. Because if you start to try to merobah size of the space that will be built will be fatal. Amended plans will affect the shape of the building, the system construction horses and shape of the roof.


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