Sunday, September 16, 2012

Carport Floor Appear More Beautiful

Carport Floor Appear More Beautiful

Although its function is only for "trampled" by a car, carport floor turned out to be enhanced to support the architectural beauty of the house. Court that its position at the front of the house most of this is actually part of the building facade. So its existence is equivalent to the garden-front home with her. Therefore, the appearance carpot should be planned to match the overall architecture of the house.

The materials used for flooring can vary carport. Ranging from cheap to expensive. Ranging from simple and elegant to the tacky. Materials commonly used are ceramic, cement, concrete, brush, and paving blocks. To create a unique appearance carport floor, you can be creative with trying to use new materials, or blends ingredients that have been mentioned above.

Security and Power

Whatever material you want to use, a good carport floor structure should be concerned about security. Security here means that the formation carport floor should not make the car skid (especially in the rain or in wet conditions). So should, carport floor surface made ​​rough.

In addition, the structure of the carport must use steel reinforcement for duty prop car that weighs pretty heavy. The model used for the carport foundation called Rollag. Laying the foundation Rollag is mainly to strengthen the capacity of land on the edge of the carport directly adjacent to a vacant lot (park). Giving light foundation like this is enough to avoid snapping the ground floor toward an empty carport or garden.


Carportbiasanya also used as an area for washing the car. So, that is not stagnant water and dirt, the floor should be sloped carport. Besides useful to facilitate the flow of water, the slope also has another function, which facilitate the entry of the car into the carport.


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